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Penny Malone lives and works in Moonah*, Tasmania. She combines a studio based Textile Arts/Design practice with part time employment as a Public Servant.

She has been designing and hand printing fabric since the 1990’s.

Pattern is the central focus of her practice and she gains inspiration from both the natural and built environment.

Her work reflects a keen eye for detail and draws from an eclectic mix of past and present influences.

Penny uses the title “Repeat Placement Stencil Printing” to describe her printing method.

Hand cut stencils are placed onto fabric and ink is applied with a small foam roller. This process is repeated hundreds of times to create a repeat pattern over a single textile length.

“Although this technique is labour intensive it works for me as a design process which I can then expand on with the use of commercial and digital production methods.”

Her practice follows two strands; The production of textiles for Interiors and the development of pattern based projects for Exhibition.

“ In designing for domestic and commercial interiors I can pursue my interest in the interplay of function and aesthetic. “

“Working on projects for exhibition satisfies a wish to always develop and extend on my arts practice”

Penny (not surprisingly) is a keen proponent of the qualities and ideas that are central to the Slow Design Movement.

* MOONAH - suburb of Hobart, not to be confused with MONA - Museum of Old and New Art, making waves and placing Tasmania on the Map.

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